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Background: At the national level, AMVETS maintains the ROTC/JROTC Awards Program for implementation at the local level by AMVETS Hawaii. AMVETS ROTC and JROTC medals and certificates authorized by Army and Air Force regulations can be ordered from the National Quartermaster. While the Navy and Marine Corps ROTC units do not have such regulations, they can and do participate in the awards programs of the many Veterans organizations, professional military associations, and Military Orders. The AMVETS award consists of a medal pendant and ribbon bar, with accompanying certificate.

Here in Hawaii, there are: 2 ROTC units (Army and Air Force) at the University of Hawaii; 24 JROTC programs at the High School level across Hawaii, and; 6 Cadet Squadrons of the Civil Air Patrol across Hawaii. All of these units conduct their annual awards ceremonies in April and May to recognize and honor the outstanding cadets and midshipmen with medals, ribbons, and other awards. The cadets and midshipmen receiving medals and ribbons are authorized to wear those awards on their uniforms while in the ROTC, JROTC, or CAP programs.

• Outstanding Senior Cadet. The professor of military science selects the cadet and submits his/her name directly to AMVETS Hawaii via email:

• Outstanding Junior Cadet. The senior instructor at the high school makes the selection, with processing being the same as for the Senior Cadet awards.

The citeria is set by AFROTC Instructions 36–2020. AMVETS ROTC Medal is detailed in section 4.20. Please refer to the document referenced for full information; however, the essential points are:

4.20.1. Purpose. The award recognizes one cadet at each detachment at the end of their first year in the AFROTC program. (“First year” is not restricted to AS 100 cadets.)

4.20.2. Eligibility. Each cadet must: demonstrate a positive attitude toward the Air Force and AFROTC, demonstrate a neat personal appearance (uniform wear, posture and grooming), demonstrate outstanding personal attributes (initiative, dependability, judgment and self-confidence), demonstrate officer potential (responsibility, adaptability, high personal standards), have attained a grade of “A” in AFROTC during the most recent grading period, and be in good academic standing in all university course work.

  • Legislative Priorities
  • AmVets Hawaii 2016 Annual Program Report
  • AmVets Hawaii Annual Update 2016
  • 2015 – 2016 ROTC/JROTC Awards Ceremonies
  • ROTC/JROTC Press Release

    Governor’s 2016 JROTC Review and Award Ceremony, Fort Shafter, Hawaii, 21 April 2016


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