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The following projects and activities are endorsed and promoted in communities throughout the country. Website links are provided for our partners.

Scholarships for Active Military, Veterans, and Families

Note. Proceeds from the Pacific Historic Parks Book Store support their mission of supporting national and state parks, including the USS Arizona Memorial.

Do you need help finding proper care options for living with disabilities? Here is a guide that provides comprehensive information on topics like available care options, financial support, and free resources that are available: https://www.assistedliving.org/assisted-living-options-for-people-with-disabilities

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Hawaii Veterans Beekeeping Program:

AmVets Hawaii Commander, Donovan A. Lazarus donovan@amvets-hawaii.org signs MOA with Manoa Honey Company, LLC proud owner, Mr. Yuki Uzuhashi yuki@manoahoney.com to provide transitioning military, veterans and their families with training and mentoring to become Beekeepers.

Website: https://www.manoahoney.com

Address: 930 Palm Place, Wahiawa, Hawaii 96786

Phone: 808-927-0501, POC: Kino

Volunteer Schedule starts weekly on Wednesday at 1000

Beekeeping Agricultural Opportunities for Hawaii Military Veterans Program

AMVETS Hawaii Veterans-beekeeping-program

Hawaii Queen Bees, LLC

The farmer will give him the complete training and start him out with 20 hives. It is a 24-36 month program that will teach a great deal about the Bee Farm Business. He will learn how to make hives, care for the bees, extract larva, produce queens, extract honey, wax, pollen, royal jelly, market the products and run the business.

Please see the detailed Course Description below:

Basic Beginners Course:

Basic Vocabulary in Beekeeping

-Explanation of Hive Equipment and its Usages

-Protective gear

-Caste of Honey Bees

-Anatomy of Honey Bees

-Bee Stings and how to reduce your chances of being stung

-How bees gather and make honey

-Health benefits of honey

– How bees make wax

-What is propolis,

Where does it come from and what do bees do with it

-Pollen and pollination.

How bees gather pollen and its uses in the hive


When and how to harvest honey from the hive

-Tips on Finding Your Queen

-Age progression of worker bees

-Common Pest and Diseases

-#1 Enemy of the hive, the varroa mite and how to control mites

-How to install a new package of bees

-How to inspect your hive.

Hive inspection 101

– Seasonal management calendar

-Feeding Solutions for each environment Management Course:

How soon to inspect after split

– Feeding solutions year round

How to make a walk away split

-Armando & #39’s best spring split method

-How to make splits without buying queens-Swarm prevention techniques

-Split for more hives vs. not splitting for more honey

-Be aware of diseases more common in the spring

-Techniques to equalize hives in the spring- Replenishing the bee yard with more packages vs. nucs?

– How to collect pollen in the spring

– is it okay to reuse old comb from a hive that perished?

-Tips on Finding Your Queen

-How to install a new package of bees

-How to inspect your spring hive

-Seasonal management calendar

-Feeding Solutions for each environment Queen Rearing Course:

Why raise your own queens

-How do colonies raise queens naturally?

-The benefits of raising your own queens

– An overview of the process of raising queens

-How to raise just a few for you or raise a large amount for profit

-Choosing the best stock (hive) to raise queens from

– The best starter hive makes the best queens

-Grafting techniques-The finishing hive seals the deal

-Tool and equipment needed to raise queens

– Timing is everything.

Developing your schedule-Storing virgin and mated queens-Incubators –

How to mark queens:

How to package queens for shipment

-Queen rearing management calendar

Advance Beekeeping Course:

Why know more about beekeeping

-How to really read and know what’s going on with your bees

-A more in depth look at pest and diseases

-Brief overview of queen rearing

-Learning the skill of inspecting a hive like a boss

– Assessing a hive quickly and how to act to save a hive

-The art of working a colony

-Investigating why a hive died

-Tool, tricks and tips of the advance beekeeper

-How to teach others

-Why and how to pursue becoming a certified master beekeeper.

Program Team: Team Leader Frank Hinshaw

– Owner of Hawaii Queen Bees LLC frankhinshaw@yahoo.com,

Prof. Dr. Osman Kaftanoglu osman.kaftanoglu@asu.edu,

Dr. Jason Graham jrgraham@hawaii.edu,

Master Beekeeper Grafting Expert

– Frank (TK) Hinshaw

– Master Beekeeper

– Armando Martinez amadeux2004@yahoo.com, and Master Beekeeper Alicia Wills heartybees@gmail.com.

Hawaii Veterans Beekeeping Program aims to develop beekeeping in Hawaii by training and teaching veterans on honey bee biology, colony management, queen rearing and increase the income of veterans in rural areas.

Hawaii is one of the best places in the world for beekeeping and queen rearing. Queens can be reared and honey can be harvested from the colonies all year around.

Maintenance of the colonies is easier, honey yields are higher and beekeeping is more profitable in Hawaii than any other states. Therefore, Hawaii was chosen for this program.

The participants will be evaluated every month by the project leaders and lead technicians to evaluate the project and prepare a progress report for the Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor.

Depending on the success of the hives, every participant can potentially make additional income with the sale of honey and other by-products during the training program.

This is a great program for Mr. George Theofanis and other disabled veterans to enhance the their income. This program is in accordance with the USDA Strategic Goals FY 2013-2020

(Goal 1: Assist Rural Communities To Create Prosperity So They Are Self-Sustaining, Repopulating, and Economically Thriving) and USDA FY17 Beginning Farmers and Ranchers Development Program (BFRDP).

The program meets the requirements under 38 CFR 21.126
The Master Beekeeper Course is considered a quote; Farm Cooperative Training Course & quot; VA 21- 140. It is a 36-month, full time, training course and the veteran is entitled to receive subsistence allowance while he pursues his educational training.

Dependent on the veteran & #39;s goals, the Master Bee Course can be continued for an additional 24 months for advanced training, including farm management and product marketing to help ensure success with the program.

Scuba Dive Program

Dive Oahu is a full-service dive shop and training facility owned and operated by Brian Benton since its inception in 1991. Benton is a veteran with over 30 years diving experience. He started diving in Okinawa, Japan when he was stationed there as a young Marine and he hasn’t stopped since.  Benton is a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer and holds a 100-Ton Masters Captain’s License.

Dive Oahu is a PADI FIVE Star Career Development Center (CDC) which means that they uphold the highest standards of excellence in scuba training from beginners to instructors and beyond. Dive Oahu has friendly staff and instructors who understand AMA’s educational philosophy and are here to help you succeed. Their philosophy is focused on safety with low instructor to student ratios that foster learning at the highest level. Dive Oahu’s philosophy is also conservation centric. They are committed educating future generations of divers with a well-rounded knowledge of the ocean and our responsibility to protect it.

Dive Oahu is headquartered at their Kakaako location at 609 Keawe Street, Honolulu, HI. Classroom and pool work is located at the Kapolei Aquatic Center at 300 Franklin Ave, Kapolei, HI. Call Dive Oahu at 808-922-3483 for more information on courses and everything diving.

The AMA is proud to stand behind this veteran operation with paramount safety standards on the island.

How Does Trauma Affect Sleep?

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PO Box 2865

Ewa Beach, Hawaii (USA) 96706

Main Office: 808-382-6835

E-mail: admin@amvets-hawaii.org

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AMVETS Hawaii is a 501(c)(3), is a public, non-profit, Veterans Service Organization (VSO).

Over 95% of all donations received will directly fund our ROTC/JROTC Medals and Awards program, Hawaii Public Schools Essay Contests, the preservations of Ewa Battlefield, and other Memorials and Hawaii Historic sites.  And will also help fund our annual commemoration ceremonies: Ewa Battlefield Pearl Harbor Commemoration, Battle of Midway Commemoration, Veteran’s Day Commemoration ceremony, and other events.

And most of all, your support will support our program initiatives to benefit our Veterans, transitioning Service members, and their families with needed assistance and advocacy.

AMVETS Charities, Inc. participates in the Combined Federal Campaign through the Military, Veterans and Patriotic Services Organizations of America federation. Our Combined Federal number is of the 50,000 charities that participate in the CFC, only about 1500 – the members of Independent Charities of America and Local Independent Charities of America – will have the opportunity to display the “Best In America” seal of approval. AMVETS Charities, Inc. is proud to be one of those chosen few. This seal of approval is a service mark of Independent Charities of America and is used under license. AMVETS NSF is responsible for the content of any materials in which the Service Mark is used.

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Mailing Address:


PO Box 2865

Ewa Beach, Hawaii (USA) 96706

Main Office: 808-382-6835

E-mail: admin@amvets-hawaii.org

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